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We are a registered and certified independent brokerage and consulting firm for all aspects of investment strategies and long term investments as well as the complex field of insurance management, covering the risks during your period of employment, your retirement, of your family or concerning health care.


Another core business is counselling, incorporating and servicing individual corporate pension plan schemes for German firms and German subsidiaries of international companies. The trend of outsourcing this subject to specialised firms has been increasing in recent years and we support you professionally on continuing basis. For a period of several months in early 2011, we had undergone an external certification process resulting into the status as “certified expert for corporate pension plans” which is valid for a three year period and then subject to validation.


However, the extent of our cooperation will always be determined by you; be it a single matter of interest or complete financial and risk counselling.


To develop broad creative idea and not to be dependent on either traditional investment patterns or solely sales-driven product recommendations, it is no longer sufficient to enjoy just basic knowledge or to limit one’s self to some basic products. Only by combining personal experience with indepth solutions and competence may long lasting benefit and economic added value be created for you. Together with our broad and always up-to-date knowledge as well as  the potential, all to rare in today’s business climate,  to “brainstorm” freely about all possible solutions – together with you - , the “human factor” and “sufficient time for our customers” have always been an essential part of our long term oriented service philosophy. This is why we invest a lot of time with you and listen intensively, to make sure that we understand exactly what your goals, needs and intentions are and what is important for you.


The basis of our company is more than twenty years of experience as a banker including leading positions in large banks, followed by several years as director of sales within a partnership of independent insurance brokers. Based on well-established business connections with banks, securities underwriters, investment trust companies, asset managers, family offices and trading platforms, as well as almost all major insurance companies in Germany and several ones within Europe, we have created an extensive network for your capital investments and your overall risk management. The addition of “& Cie.” in our company name stands for this wide range of business partners. However, no capital participation or dependency exists with any of our partners.


There are not many companies in the market covering all the businesses of capital investment counselling, insurance and corporate pension plan management although, to our mind, they should be treated as a whole. The official certification rules for our company require that we must not be restricted to any one business partner exclusively and that we work solely on the behalf of our clients and their needs. This is basic for the understanding of how we work and that we really are independent in our overall counselling and brokerage business. We are subject to extensive documentation requirements and must be certified each year by a respective auditor.


Therefore, you may feel relaxed, indeed, while informing yourself about the wide variety of possible solutions and planning your financial strategies with us. In the end, a thorough knowledge will allow you to decide carefully what solution(s) will be right for your individual situation.


Our clients appreciate the relaxed, independent and all-concerning counselling service and the long-term oriented individually “designed” business relationship. We want you to reach a state of deep satisfaction working together with us!


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